Friday, December 3, 2010

Wednesday's Child - Susie Quirk

Susan "Susie" Quirk was the 2nd child of William and Mary Quirk nee Lee of Jeanesville/Hazleton area of Pennsylvania.  She passed away on August 13, 1889 at the age of 15 years and 8 months.  I actually found out something rather interesting when preparing this blog.  I have a baptismal certificate from the church for Susie giving her a date of birth of September 22, 1870.  See the problem?  If this was the same Susie she would have been 18 years 11 months if she died on August 13, 1889.

My guess is that there was another Susie.  I had previously requested baptismal records for all of William and Mary's children and what I got was rather surprising.  I received 3 baptismal records for a William Quirk born to these two people.  My guess is that, sadly, all of their William's died as children (except the last one, of course).  I guess William felt it was important to have a child named after him.  Perhaps he was a first born and was passing on his father's name as well.   

What I do know is that Mary's mother's name was Susan.  Perhaps the Susan that was born in 1870 died and Mary really wanted to name a daughter after her mother.  Don't know, but I'll be writing to the church and asking if they can double-check the records!  It's always fun to make these discoveries!

Anyway, I was given an album with some beautiful card photographs (and a few tin-types).  In there I noticed 4 pictures of a young girl.  The pictures were all on the same page and one page away from a funeral card of Susie Quirk.  I don't know who anyone in this album is for sure.  I only know that it's from my Quirk ancestors due to the dozen or so newspaper clippings referring to marriages and deaths of various Quirks.  I like to think these 4 pictures are Susie, but I'll most likely never know.



  1. I hope you are able to identify her someday. It seems such a waste that there are such wonderful photos and no name to put them them.

    I wanted to let you know that I am giving you the "Ancestor Approved" Award for your blog. Please go to and pick up your badge.

  2. Congrats Cherie on the "Ancestor Approved" Award! I love reading your blogs. I learn something new every time.
    I did think of something that you could check into. I noticed that the photographs had the photographer's name on them. Ever think about checking to see if the place still exists? Maybe they have something for you. Some of these photography shops have been handed down generation to generation. And I know some keep logs and photo albums from years ago. Who knows, it's probably a dead end, but worth looking into if you end up getting lucky.

    ~ Care

  3. Thanks, Jenny! Working on the hubby's computer right now as he backs up mine, so I'll head on over once that's complete. Unfamiliar keyboard...don't like using it for more than a few minutes! :)

    Thanks, Carrie...yeah, I've tried to find Kellmer's in Hazleton and no luck. I won't give up on that angle though because the majority of the images are from Kellmer's Then a few from Pittsburgh and NY!

  4. What a pretty young lady - the pictures sure look like one girl, though I know - you never know. Sad that she died so young. Hope you can figure out the rest of the story - those unanswered questions drive me nuts. :)