Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - John Kuehl and Dora Hermann

John and Dora Kuehl nee Hermann
Johannes Hermann August Kuehl born in Wayne, Washington Co, Wisconsin in 1883.  The surname KUEHL is German.  Feel free to remove the "e" and add an umlaut to the "u".  That's most likely how you'd see it spelled in the homeland.  In fact that's how it was spelled with the first few generations in this country.  Well, most census takers didn't actually put the umlaut.  They just spelled it "Kuhl".  I love John's full and proper name.  He was two generations removed from the homeland, but still got a rockin' name!

Well, John married Dorathea Bertha Hermann.  Dora was born in Theresa, Dodge County, WI in 1885.  Her surname can also be seen with or without that second "n".  Dorathea....I like that name very much.  So these two were married on November 6, 1906 in Theresa, WI.  I haven't gotten to reentering all of the Kuehls in the family tree so I can't really give detailed information on their children, just one for now, Romand.

Romand Valentin Gustav Kuehl was my husband's grandfather and who my son Benjamin Romand is named for!

(Sorry for the late post!  My internet provider wasn't working until this morning!  Now off to a Webinar!)


  1. Looks like a lovely, elaborate, veil on Dora.

  2. You have so many neat old pictures!! You know that you're really lucky, don't you??

  3. I never really thought about it, but you're right! That veil is something! I didn't wear one when I got married so I suppose I over-looked that! :)

    Jenn, I've seen all the gorgeous pictures you take AND post. At least you can put together a D.A.R. application! I may be able to put together an app for joining the Daughters of the Irish Potato Famine! ;) j/k - very proud of my history, regardless of when they came over!