Monday, February 7, 2011

Motivation Monday - Got some?

I had quite a bit of motivation last week.  Despite the fact that I had a sick kid home with me for much of it and despite that he gave me his cooties.  I'm feeling much better this morning.  Not coughing so much and the faucet that was my nose has turned off.  My team won the Super Bowl so there was much rejoicing last night, well, and this morning and for quite some time.  But motivation.  Got none.  Zip.

PTA executive board meeting last week.  We no longer have a secretary so I've got to type the minutes up and send them out.  I've got to fill out paperwork so we can have our next general board meeting at the school which is in a week and a half from now and I need to attempt to track down donations for lickies and chewies for the few people that might show up.

I have to order something called "segments" for Cub Scouts.  Little mini-patches for the boys to highlight their participation in events.  Unfortunately, I've spent the past several weeks trying to recreate the attendance for all of the events due to technical difficulties and difficulties in getting people to let me know which boys attended what.  It's gotten to the point where I can no longer wait and I need to get these ordered.  I feel bad for the boys that will undoubtedly look at their mostly empty segment sheet and wonder why they didn't get a segment for an event that they attended, but I need to let go and realize that I did all I can.  If their leaders didn't send updates or if their parents didn't check their attendance sheet that's not my problem.  That sounds so harsh.  I hate being like that when it's kids I'm dealing with.

I've also been having other stuff thrown at me in Scouting that is just not my lane.  I won't vent about it here, but I will say that it's incredibly frustrating and just not going to happen.  End of story.  Some people just can't get it through their heads that just because I work from home and just because I'm "starting" my business and working toward accreditation doesn't mean that I have time to deal with their extra crap.

The volunteer activities that I am a part of are because they benefit my children as well as other children.  If more parents would actually do just a little and participate in their child's life apart from feeding them and tucking them in at night these things would be so much easier!

So right now there's no motivation.  Or rather there's no motivation to tackle the stupid "extra" stuff I have to do.  I've got tons of motivation to dive into genealogy.  There's never a question about that, but the minutes need to be typed, the meeting needs to be coordinated and the Scouts need to be cared for.  So I guess I'll make a strong cup of tea, and get to work on the things that are annoying the heck out of me and hope that today will end the "extras" in my life at least for the time being and not mark the beginning of a week that is sure to have me lose my temper.

At least there's enough food left over from the Super Bowl party to feed my family for several days.  One less thing to worry about...


  1. Been there. Done that. Come to think of it, I'm still doing it. The volunteering for the benefit of my kids that is. When they were really young we used to have a saying, "If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot." It is so true.

    I hope you get over your cooties soon and I'm glad your team won the Super Bowl!

  2. Thanks, Michelle! If only everyone would do a little! :) It has to end at some point and things get prioritized. We'll see how it all goes. What did Scarlett say, "After all tomorrow is another day!"

  3. Cheryl-
    My name is Renee Saint-Amour, and I grew up in Pacific Grove. Jeff Ryan, the cousin you mention here was the very first love of my life. After a nostalgic trip back to Monterey to visit family with my husband and baby, I felt compelled to find Jeff to reconnect. A web search sadly led me to your page. Seeing the photos and learning of his death like this was profound for me in many ways. I'd love to contact you and learn more about how he died. Somewhere in my mother's house, I have some amazing photos of him that I'd love to share with you and with his family. Next time I am home I'd love to did them up and send them to you. I'm on Facebook if you can find and friend me, I'd love to continue the conversation. Hope to hear from you. Renee