Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - A New Family Heirloom

Memory bracelet
It's special when you know that you have something new that it will be worth passing on to your children and grandchildren.  That it will be cherished forever.  Your engagement and/or wedding rings, a baptism gown for your children, etc.  The other week when my mother-in-law and nephew were visiting they brought me a new family heirloom.  One that makes me sad sometimes, but also one that I cherish deeply and I know my children will as well.

It's a bracelet that was made from some of the flowers that were sent when my father-in-law's passed away.  It hasn't been a year yet since we lost dad, and even writing about it brings tears to my eyes, but wearing this bracelet is a beautiful reminder of someone very dear to my heart. 

Keeping mementos of someone that you lost is, I'm sure, as old as time.  People used to take pictures of the dearly departed (and in some cultures still do).  Now, there is jewelry like the bracelet my sisters/mother-in-law and I have, there are pieces of jewelry that can be made with a bit of ash, and some people keep a lock of hair.

We got our bracelets from A Lacy Creation and to be sure it will be passed on for generations, although I'm sure the sentiment will feel somewhat different in decades to come.  While it can still be a sad memento for me, it reminds me of someone I love...for my descendants, it will no doubt be representative of someone dear to them, they were blessed, as we were, to have known.


  1. How interesting - I had to go to A Lacy Creation's website to see how she makes the beads from flowers. A lovely reminder of your father-in-law, and a treasure for your children. I like this idea much better than making diamonds from ashes :-) Jo

  2. It's a beautiful piece!