Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Turnbach Family Photo

This photo was originally passed on to me by William Turnbach, Jr.  He sent me the key on a floppy disk back in 2001, but the file wouldn't open.  Since then Bill's passed away, but other cousins that I've found in that line have helped name some of the people in the picture.  I have high hopes that someday all of them will have names!


  1. Love it, I have a similar photo from my Mom-in-law's family!

  2. Should be a motivating factor in labeling all those photos we've got lying around! What's sad for me is that Turnbachs aren't in my direct line, but Blanchfields are. I have no pictures of any Blanchfields, but one married into this Turnbach family, and that makes it so precious!

  3. I have the names of everyone except for two in this picture. I sent you a Facebook message to your inbox yesterday (April 10, 2016). I stumbled upon your post yesterday! My grandma was Nora Cole McKelvey, who is directly below the fellow you labeled as Milton Turnbach. Terry Malone Corino rainbow87t@aol.com