Thursday, June 9, 2011

Funeral Card Friday - A Touching Story of Love and Dedication

Patrick and Laura Cayemberg Sr. nee Laurent were my husband's paternal grandparents.  I'm posting them together because they died within days of each other.  I always found the story so touching and incredible.  One of those stories that I just had to verify the information again with my husband before posting this. 

The last part of Laura's life was spent in a nursing home due to Alzheimer's disease. Patrick had always said that it was his goal to live only one day longer than Laura so he could take care of her.  She died on January 18, 1997.

When Patrick Sr. went up to view Laura for the last time he said, "OK.  I'm done."  Did he mean that he was done with the viewing, or that his job was done?  We don't know for sure, but those were some of the last words he spoke.  Shortly after that, he collapsed.  He was brought to a chair to rest and soon after, to the hospital where he died.  Patrick fulfilled his promise.  All the preparations for Laura were complete and he could be with his wife again.  Patrick died on January 21, 1997.

A touching story to be sure, but it must have been incredibly hard on the family to lose them both so close together.

Laura Mary Laurent
Born - 4 August 1907 in Luxemburg, Kewaunee, WI
Died - 19 January 1997 in Green Bay, Brown, WI

15 November 1928
Luxemburg, Kewaunee, WI

Patrick Henry Cayemberg Sr.
Born 15 September 1909 in Brussels Township, Door, WI
Died - 21 January 1997 in Green Bay, Brown, WI

Buried at Shrine of the Good Shepherd Mausoleum, Green Bay, Brown, WI


  1. My goodness. How wonderful and sad at the same time. That is true love.

  2. What a sweet but sad story, and such wonderful photographs. Amazing devotion!