Sunday, August 14, 2011

Military Monday - Rationing

A short and sweet post today!  I don't know why, but when I came across this newspaper clipping of Mrs. Frank Cayemberg and her ration book I just thought it was neat.  Not a great view of the ration book or anything, but it's a good reminder of the sacrifices our country made during World War II.

[Newspaper clipping passed on with no publication information.  Most likely from the Green Bay Press-Gazette or other local Wisconsin newspaper close to Green Bay]


  1. Oh I think I have some of those from my husband's grandfather. I need to go back and look at those.

  2. I recently found some in my grandfather's things. My children didn't know what they were. They sparked a good conversation.

  3. What a nice find, Cheryl. You don't say what newspaper it's from but I can guess it's a small town newspaper.

    Today I posted my brother's memory of V-J Day and in looking for a newspaper article to go with it, I found articles about rationing (and the discontinuing of some items from the list).

    Thanks for sharing this photo. It's a treasure.

  4. Sadly, no there is no publication information with almost all of the clippings that were passed on to me. They were just clipped and stuck in scrapbooks. I can only assume that they are taken from the local Green Bay, WI newspaper or when another city is mentioned in the article, Green Bay or that city. I usually post that. Must have been off my game. Will have to rectify that! :)