Tuesday, September 6, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - First Holy Communion

Sts. Peter and Paul's 1st Holy Communion Class - 11MAY1980
Sts. Peter and Paul Lithuanian Roman Catholic Church, Diamond Avenue, Hazleton, PA.  It's closed now and up for sale.  The records are held in West Hazleton's Transfiguration Church.

Aimee Inama and Cherie Cayemberg (nee Tabor)
I recognize some of the people in the picture:  (bottom row, left to right:  Chris Hvizda, Kathleen Korb, Georgellen and Jennifer Shockley, Gina Frask, Aimee and Cherie Tabor, unknown; second row, left to right:  Andy Solonoski (the altar boy), Sheryl Tanner, unknown, Lauren Dittbrenner, unknown, Kim Gladey, Daniel Love; back row, left to right:  Barbara Shockley, Father Dastic(k), unknown.  I don't know the alter boys names (except Andy).  Don't think I ever did.  (Thanks Kathy for helping me name the majority of the people in the picture!)

Even though my sister was a year younger than me, she received 1st communion with my grade level.  My mom wanted to be our CCD teacher so she asked that both of us be put in the same class.  Our priest, Father Dastick, agreed and the rest is sacramental history!

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