Saturday, December 10, 2011

RootsTech Bans books

OK, well the book vendors anyway.  This is just ridiculous!  Genealogists.  Books.  The two go hand in hand!  Head over to RootsTech's website and Facebook page and tell them to reconsider and allow the book vendors in!  Write a blog...give a tweet (#rootstech), but let them know this is  just plain stupid!  

There are so many good posts and tweets out there about this.  Is it truly a "ban"? Why is this happening?  What should happen and how should we as a genealogy community react?  I don't have the answers. I only have my feelings on the matter and right now they are a bit grateful that I wasn't planning on going to RootsTech this year.  Maybe I won't be going next year either and will just save my pennies for the annual NGS conferences where I can take a look and all those lovely genealogy books.  Only time will tell.  Right now I need a Tums because this isn't sitting well with me.

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