Sunday, January 1, 2012

Amanuensis Monday - Oh, No They Didn't!

I was in Madison at the Wisconsin Historical Society last week and while searching for obituaries for my husband's side of the family I came across this article on the front page of the Dodge County Citizen (17SEP1896).  All I can say is if Mrs Newman died suddenly, I hope there was an investigation!  Even if she died after a long illness, it was in extremely poor taste.  Not my family, but I had to share!

"Married at his Wife's Funeral

Mr. Newman of Buffalo Valley, W. Va. Makes a Double Play

Huntingon, W. Va., Sept. 14 - The funeral exercises of Mrs. Marion Newman were conducted Sunday at Buffalo Valley Baptist church.  Immediately after the ceremony Mr. Newman and Miss Melinda Daniels, a cousin of Newman's dead wife, stepped forward, handed a license to the minister and requested to be married.  The minister performed the marriage ceremony, too."


  1. That is absolutely one of the most amazing clippings I've ever seen. Thanks for giving it the visibility it deserves.

  2. Oh my..I hope these aren't some of my Newman decedents.

  3. I want to know the 1st wife's cause of death.

  4. Astounding! Where's Buffalo Valley CSI when needed! I love receiving your weekly comments on my blog! What a treat to see you and your children's smiling faces!

  5. It's amazing some of the crazy things you read in old newspapers and they way they worded things. Hopefully they got married because he had 10 young children that needed to be taken care of!

  6. Bad taste or perfect example of being thrifty?

    You have all the people needed, all the people you were going to invite are there and the minister probably gave him a discount on two services.....Hee!Hee!

    Great clipping!

  7. Oh my goodness - that IS somewhat rapid. Historically, it's not uncommon in Scotland for a widower (or widow) to remarry quickly due to the need to look after the children of the family. But as you say, in rather poor taste :-)