Sunday, February 19, 2012

Military Monday - Benjamin Trunzo Jr.

Benjamin Trunzo Jr. was the son of Benjamin and Candus Trunzo nee Perry.  He married Edith Gay Boulanger on August 12, 1972 in Riverside, California (California Marriage Index 1960-1985).  They divorced ten years later (California Divorce Index 1966-1984).  I don't know if they had any children.  Benjamin is my step-father's 1st cousin and was most likely named for his father, Benjamin (naturally) and for their great grandfather, Beniamino Trunzo.

"NAVY ENLISTEES - Two local area men enlisted in the United States Navy it was announced today by Chief Petty Officer John O. Brown, local Navy Recruiter.  Kenneth Eugene Raymond, Penn Run R.D. 1,  enlisted in the seaman field under the High School Graduates Choice program.  Raymond is a graduate of Penns Manor Joint High School, Class of 1957.  Benjamin Trunzo, Jr., Beyer, enlisted as a seaman and is a graduate of Marion Center Joint High School class of 1961.  Both young men are currently attending recruit training at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Ill., after which they will receive 14 days leave before reporting to one of the many Navy technical schools or fleet assignment."

[Published in the Indiana Evening Gazette, Thursday, Nov. 2, 1961, pg 12]


  1. This name popped out in my Google Reader. Gay Boulanger Trunzo and I were penpals for several years when we were teenagers in the 1960s and into the early 70s. We were drawn together by our love for the Beatles. We were still corresponding when she and Ben got married. She sent me one of their wedding photos, but I know I don't have it any more. Our letters became less frequent after she got married and it's been many years. Good luck in your search.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Susan! I know so little about my step-father's Trunzo family and I had never met Benjamin. He does have a very strong "Trunzo" family resemblance! Sorry you lost touch with your friend. I'm sure every time you hear the Beatles you think of her! :)

  3. Benny Trunzo is my uncle, he lives in indiana pa.

    1. Hi, Ray!

      Sorry this didn't initially post, but most comments have to get approved. I'd been getting some spam and no one wants to read that. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I've been in school and haven't been able to approve comment until now. :)

      I'll have to let my step-father (James Trunzo) know that his cousin is still out in Indiana, PA. He sometimes heads out that way to visit the cemetery. He lives in the Poconos and is the son of John Trunzo and Frances Bagovich.

      Nice to meet you!