Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - The Unknown Collection

Kellmer's of Hazleton, PA
Trevaskis of Hazleton, PA

Well, nearly.  I'm continuing on with my album of unknown photos.  This is, once again, taken from my Quirk family album of "who the heck are these people?"  This time a double-whammy of sorts.  If you look, the pictures are of the same gentleman, but taken by different photographers in the same city.  It's even the same pose.  I don't know the timeline for Hazleton, Pennsylvania photographers, but what I will have to do is research these two in particular.  Perhaps one took over or branched off from the other and they had the original to make copies from.

Also, a little research may be in order as to what the young man is wearing.  A priest perhaps?  I think so. Maybe finding out who this person was may not be an impossibility then.  Either way, my ancestor had more than one picture in the album and we did have some priests in the family.  Any ideas about the time frame for this photo?  I'd love any hints!


  1. Hey Cherie,

    I have some portraits that were taken at Trevaskis in Hazleton from my grandmother's mother's side, and they are very similar to these pictures. They are my 3x great-great grandparents and they are old in the pictures. Considering that they died in 1902 and 1908, my guess is that the pictures were done in the late 1880's to around 1895. I would not hesitate to say that your picture is probably from the same era.


    1. Thanks, Becky!

      Any idea if the outfit looks like priest garb? The hubby thinks it does, but I still need to do some research on that!

  2. I have a picture with the same Kellmer's stamp on it. My relative lived from 1831 - 1910, and she is an adult. These dates seem to fit with the comment made by Becky. I have emailed my photo to the Hazleton Historical Society to see if they can find any more info for me. Sara