Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Unknown Collection Continues...

Another photo to share from my album of unknowns that was passed onto me through the Quirk side of my family from the Hazleton, Pennsylvania area.  Last week I posted a photo that I'm sure has a Quirk ancestor in it.  Call it more of a feeling than anything else since some from my Quirk line were teachers, or perhaps it was one of the children in the photo...either way, I see little reason to keep a class photo unless there is someone in it you know!  The teacher looks different in the photo here as does the school.

Still waiting hoping for someone to come along and solve the mystery of some of these photos!


  1. Hi Cheryl, what era do you think these photos are? I know a person by the name of Quirk, he is in his 70s or so and lives in the Baltimore area. Husband of my mom's best friend. I don't really know anything else about him, family etc. But Hazleton is not that far from Baltimore, couple of hours...

    1. Hi Jenny!

      I'm rubbish at dating pictures, but if I had to guess I'd say just before or after the turn of the century. If your mom ever gets the chance to ask if he has family from the Hazleton area, I'd be so excited to know! :)