Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Unknown Collection - The Final Class Photo

At least it's the final class photo in my collection.  Who knows what may be uncovered years from now. Again, I know little except that it's from my Quirk family of the Hazleton, PA area.  Again, I don't recognize anyone in the photo, but I maintain that keeping a class photo has some significance.  Sure you keep portraits of friends and family, but you don't usually keep random class photos of some friend's kid or even another relative.  I think it was someone from the immediate family, but who?

I'm rotten at dating photos too, so if anyone has any ideas about around when it looks like it was taken, I'd love the input!


  1. Great photo! Unfortunately, I can't really help you with a date. The first little girl on the right, seated, reminds me of that American Girl doll, Samantha. I love the clothes!

  2. Just looking at this picture I was drawn to the little girl front and center. It must be a Quirk because she looks so much like Aunt Mary and me (as a child)....same face....same hair. Just a thought. Alice Brown Trunzo

    1. Mom! You finally commented! :)

      I was looking at the little girl too, because of all that curly hair! If I had to pick anyone it would have been her, but you'd know better. You knew Aunt Mary and I didn't! :)

  3. I can't date pictures either, but I will say that I have several that were taken 1900-10 where they wore shoes like that. Now if all of the girls had big bows in their hair, I'd be even more convinced.