Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunday's Obituary - Joseph Straub

Gosh, I really dislike obituaries that only refer to the women as "Mrs So-and-So".  Can't change the past, but how disappointing!  This is one of those clippings that were passed on to me and there's no publication information.  There's only the date "1959" written at the bottom as well as the 2 names "Alfred and Leander".

So if we look at the date of birth and his age at death, 1959 would certainly be around the year he would have died.  Additionally, I found by looking in the Wisconsin Death Index, 1959-1997 that Joseph died in Marathon County, Wisconsin on September 1, 1959.

I was able to find Joseph and Catherine "Kate" Straub in the censuses from 1900 though 1930, but it was in the 1920 census that I found Leander, who was 6 years old at the time.  Alfred was found in the 1910 census and was 5 years old.  I don't quite know why they weren't mentioned in the article, but it was apparent that whoever clipped it knew they were missing.  Leander didn't die until January 20, 1982 and Alfred didn't die until March 24, 1984.  Perhaps being left out was a mistake, or perhaps there was a falling out (one would hope not).

While I can't tell which daughters married which gentlemen listed, I did find out their first names:  Edna, Irene, Mary, Armelia, and Florence.  Perhaps they were listed by age (as I did here).

"Attend Funeral Tuesday of Relative

Mrs. Marie Strachota, Mr. and Mrs. John Kleinhans, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Straub attended the funeral of Joseph C. Straub, 87, at Edgar Thursday morning at St. John the Baptist Catholic church.  Solemn Requiem High Mass was conducted by Rev. Donald Berg of Camp Douglas, a grandson of the deceased, celebrant; Rev. Oscar Cramer, deacon, and Rev. Arthur Cramer, sub deacon.

The deceased was born in St. Kilian in 1872, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Straub, Sr.  He married Catherine Schedlo in 1897 and they farmed near St. Kiian [sic] until 1915 when they moved to the Town of Wein.  In 1935 they retired from farming, moving to Edgar where Mrs. Straub died in 1940.

Seven sons survive:  Ben, Herbert, Tony of Edgar; Roman of Marshfield; Wilmer of Spencer; five daughters, Mrs. Oscar Berg, Mrs. Robt Martin of Edgar; Mrs. Alex King, Schofield; Mrs. Theo. Meidlein, Spencer; Miss Florence Straub, Chippewa Falls; 58 grand chilldren [sic], 73 great grandchilldren [sic]."

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