Monday, May 21, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - John Dart

This was one of those tombstones I had a picture know...just in case I make the connection to someone in my tree.  I went to look for a "John Dart" in my tree this evening and do a little research to see if he might fit somewhere, and was delighted to find him right in there already.

Jean Baptiste Dart born July 21, 1813 in Grand-Leez, Namur, Belgium.  Died August 20, 1880 in Wisconsin.

Now if only I had written down the cemetery that I was in years ago when I took the photo.  I swear, I can be scatter-brained sometimes!  Ah well.  It shouldn't be too difficult to retrace my steps.  I'll check on that death certificate too and hope it wasn't left blank.  Either way I'm delighted to realize that I've got Jean  Baptiste's tombstone.  One of the many pieces of information I had filed away that needed to be properly filed away!

"In Memory of John Dart
Died Aug. 20, 1880
Aged 6(7) years"

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