Sunday, February 24, 2013

Amanuensis Monday - Bail of Alleged Pickpocket Forfeited

A little fun tonight.  I'm not blogging on one of my relatives (at least I don't think I am!), but I'm transcribing an article that was on the same page as the obituary I posted last night.  Let's just say it caught my eye.

Easton Express, Friday, 15JAN1926, pg 8

"Bail of Alleged Pickpocket Forfeited

When the name of Albert Smith was called in court at Belvidere yesterday there was no response, and Judge Harry Runyon promptly ruled that his bail bond of $2,500 be forfeited.  Court attaches say that the bond was furnished by a casualty company.  A short time after Smith had been arrested friends came to his rescue, with the result that the bond was accepted and the defendant lost no time in getting away from this vicinity."

I'm sure his friends were not at all pleased at losing such a sum of money.  That's a lot today, but we're talking 1926.  Not cool.  Perhaps this transcription will add a little spice to someone researching Mr. Smith's family tree!

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