Monday, July 20, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday - The Sisters of Mercy

I was walking through Saint Gabriel's cemetery in Hazleton, Pennsylvania in June snapping pictures for my research and canvassing one section of the cemetery for BillionGraves when I saw this memorial. My mother actually pointed it out to me. She knows that I like to take pictures of the graves of the priests and nuns whenever possible because they don't have descendants. While I'm certain many are remembered by their nieces, nephews, and all those whose lives they've touched I try to remember them as well.

I usually try to create a memorial on FindAGrave if they don't already have one, but in the case of this memorial it's not possible to create an accurate one. They have no surnames and the names on here are their assumed names when they became nuns. I suppose I could created memorials for each and leave out the surname, but I think that would just confuse. Either way I want to memorialize them now for all the good works they did with the Sisters of Mercy.

Sister's of Mercy memorial in Saint Gabriel's Cemetery, Hazleton, PA (side 1)

Sister M. Austin - died 1922
Sister M. Evangelist - died 1893
Sister M. Clare - died 1882
Sister M. Benedict - died 1889
Sister M. Angela - died 1883
Sister M. Desales - died 1886
Sister M. Joseph - died 1885
Sister M. Josephine - died 1902
Mother Agnes - died 1903
Sister M. Isabel - died 1911

Sister's of Mercy memorial in Saint Gabriel's Cemetery, Hazleton, PA (side 2)

Sister M. Francis - died 1913
Mother De Chantal - died 1914
Sister M. Anthony - died 1915
Sister M. Patrick - died 1918
Sister M. Rose - died 1920
Sister M. Liguori - died 1922
Sister M. Camillus - died 1927
Sister M. Theresa - died 1928
Sister M. Agatha - died 1946


  1. Would their obit's in the paper leave a surname? If so, you could put in there.....

    1. It's possible, but those years represent a giant hole in the Hazleton paper. Still some might be found. I'll give it a try and see if anything pops up :)