Sunday, November 23, 2014

Military Monday - Fort Carson GWOT Fallen Soldiers' Memorial, 2003-2004

Fort Carson GWOT Memorial stone, 2003-2004

I saw in the newspaper on Memorial weekend that Fort Carson was having a ceremony at their GWOT (Global War on Terrorism) Memorial.  While I wasn't able to attend the ceremony, I did make a point to go down there a few days later to check it out.  It really was a very nice memorial.  A few years ago I had taken photos of and transcribed the memorial at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery and figured that I should do the same here.

My original intention was to get the photos of this memorial up much earlier, but things happen and I was neglecting my blog at the time. Things are busy, but rolling along and it was well past time to get started on remembering these heroes. This memorial stone is for the Soldiers KIA in 2003-2004.

Roll Call

PFC Jesse A. Givens 1 May 2003
CW3 Brian K. Van Dusen 9 May 2003
CW2 Hans N. Gukeisen 9 May 2003
SGT Richard P. Carl 9 May 2003
MAJ Mathew E. Schram 26 May 2003
SGT Keman L. Mitchell 26 May 2003
SSG Michael B. Quinn 27 May 2003
SGT Thomas F. Broomhead 27 May 2003
SSG Michael E. Dooley 8 Jun 2003
SSG Andrew R. Pokorny 13 Jun 2003
SSG William T. Latham 18 Jun 2003
SGT Melissa Valles 9 Jul 2003
SPT Joshua T. Byers 23 Jul 2003
SSG Taft V. Williams 12 Aug 2003
SPC Stephen M. Scott 23 Aug 2003
PFC Vorn J. Mack 23 Aug 2003
SPC Ronald D. Allen 25 Aug 2003
CPT Brian R. Faunce 18 Sep 2003

SSG Frederick L. Miller Jr, 20 Sep 2003
SPC Tamarra  J. Ramos 1 Oct 2003
PV2 Benjamin L. Freeman 13 Oct 2003
SPC Jose L. Mora Jr, 24 Oct 2003
SSG Daniel A Bader 2 Nov 2003
SSG Ernest G. Bucklew 2 Nov 2003
SPC Darius T. Jennings 2 Nov 2003
SPC Brian H. Penisten 2 Nov 2003
SPC James R. Wolf 6 Nov 2003
SSG Dale A. Panchot 17 Nov 2003
CPL Gary B. Coleman 21 Nov 2003
SGT David J. Goldberg 26 Nov 2003
SSG Stephen A. Bertolino Sr, 29 Nov 2003
SPC Rian C. Ferguson 14 Dec 2003
SPC Nathan W. Nakis 16 Dec 2003
SPC Raymond E. Cammel 24 Dec 2003
SPC Justin W. Pollard 30 Dec 2003
CPT Eric T. Paliwoda 2 Jan 2004

CW2 Philip A. Johnson Jr, 8 Jan 2004
CW2 Ian D. Manuel 8 Jan 2004
SGT Christopher A. Golby 8 Jan 2004
SGT Michael A. DiRaimondo 8 Jan 2004
MSG Kelly L. Hornbeck 18 Jan 2004
PFC Armando Soriano 1 Feb 2004
CW2 Matthew C. Laskowski 25 Feb 2004
CW2 Stephen M. Wells 25 Feb 2004
1LT Michael R. Adams 16 Mar 2004
MSG Richard L. Ferguson 30 Mar 2004
SFC William W. Labadie Jr, 7 Apr 2004
SGT Felix M. Delgreco 9 Apr 2004
CPT Arthur L. Felder 24 Apr 2004
CW4 Patrick W. Kordsmeier 24 Apr 2004

May all of our Service Members come home for good soon!


  1. Cheryl, I added this post to the Honor Roll Project page

    1. Thanks, Heather! I'll be posting the other stones in the near future!