Thursday, February 3, 2011

Funeral Card Friday - A Double Rosbeck Whammy!

This beautiful picture is the back to Martin F. Rosbeck's funeral card

I previously posted the obituary for Martin F. Rosbeck and Theresa Rosbeck nee Kiefer. I thought I'd complete the set by posting both of their funeral cards today in one shot.

The center picture is the back to Theresa Rosbeck nee Kiefer's funeral card.


  1. The images are beautiful.

    I was browsing your older posts and noticed the one about the many obituaries without date or paper of publication on them. I have the same situation. My mom was a clipper but not a noter. Many of them I've been able to find in the newspaper collection at our state archives but not all. I hopeyou have success if you decide to pursue that route of documentation.

  2. I most likely will particularly with the ones that I can connect to my tree. Lots of those local papers are actually on Ancestry, so I should give a look! :)