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Amanuensis Monday - Patrons of the Church, Part 2

Lobby of Saint Gabriel's Church, Hazleton, PA

Last Monday I transcribed the names off of the plaque on the left in this picture at Saint Gabriel's Roman Catholic Church (now Holy Annunciation Parish).  This week I'm transcribing the plaque on the right.  There were many familiar names on both, but I was excited to see the names of 2 family members this week.  My 2nd great aunt Ella Quirk was a donor to the Organ Fund and my 2nd great uncle William Quirk was a pew donor.  Neither Ella nor William married so it's always nice to see them remembered.

Right plaque remembering the 1931 patrons

"This plaque is erected in memory of Rt. Rev. Monsignor J.S. Fagan and in honor of the following donors

Donations to organ fund

Miss Annie Mulherin
Mrs. E.J. McKernan
Miss Winifred Brown
Mrs. Thomas Burkhart
Mrs. Stephen Curry
Mrs. John Baker
Mrs. Charles Barnes
Miss B.T. Boyle
Mrs. John J. Boyle
Mrs. P.A. Boyle
Mrs. Thomas Bonner
Mrs. Thomas Brennan
Miss Annie Brislin
Mrs. John P. Burns
Mrs. Mary Byrne
Mrs. H.L. Campbell
Miss Laurette Cannon
Miss Nellie Cannon
Miss Nora D. Carr
Commercial Class St. G. 1927
Mrs. John J. Corrigan
Mrs. Lawrence Corrigan
Mrs. Norbert Corrigan
Council of Catholic Women

Mrs. James Crossin
Miss Mary Dever
Mrs. Catherine Dougherty, deceased
Mrs. James Durkin
Miss Marie Feeley
Misses Agnes and Mary Fitzpatrick
Miss Margaret Flynn
Mrs. August Gabrielis
Miss Mary Gallagher
Miss Rose Gallagher
Miss Jane Gorman
Mrs. James P. Gorman
Miss Margaret Gormley
Mrs. Mary Halsey
P.J. Heaney Family
Mrs. William Joyce, deceased
Mrs. George Kellner
Mrs. Charles Kelly
Mrs. Andrew Kennedy
Miss Theresa Kennedy
Miss Catherine Martin
Mrs. Frank Mooney
Mrs. P.J. Murphy
Mrs. John McBride

Mrs. Cormac McGee
Mrs. Edward McGee
Miss Sarah McGee
Mrs. D.J. McGeehin
Mrs. J.C. McGrory
Mrs. E.t. McHale
Mrs. Andrew McKelvey
Mrs. Patrick McKelvey
Mrs. Patrick McKenna
Miss Bridget McKiernan
Mrs. James J. O'Donnell
Miss Kate A. O'Donnell
Mrs. John Quinn
Miss Ella Quirk
Mrs. P.J. Reilly
Mrs. M.A. Ryan
Mrs. E.J. Sweetland
Miss Veronica Thompson
Miss Bridget Walsh, deceased
Mrs. Susan Uthe
Mrs. W.J. Ward
Mrs. T.J. Whittaker
Miss Mary Lynch

Donors of Pews

Charles Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. James Boney
John Bonner
P.J. Bonner, deceased
Edward Boyle
James Boyle
P.A. Boyle
Fr. J. Brennan
James Brennan
Thomas Brennan
P.J. Breslin
Thomas Brislin
John Burns
John and Elizabeth Burke
Patrick Burke, Chestnut St
Patrick Burke, S. Wyoming
James Calder
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Campanell
H.L. Campbell
H.J. Campbell
James Carpenter
John J. Carr
John Cawley
James A. Collins
Michael Conahan
James Connors
Dr. James A Corrigan
Dr. John J. Corrigan
Dr. Lawrence Corrigan
Norbert Corrigan
Dr. W.V. Coyle
John Dailey Family
Dr. A.J. Dougherty
F.J. Dougherty
J.C. Dougherty
Michael and Rosanna Dougherty
Zoltan Drosdick
E.J. Duffy, deceased
Dr. P.E. Fagan
Paul Ferry

Michael Flynn
James Fox
Charles J. Gallagher
E. Joseph Gallagher
Mrs. Mary Gallagher
John C. Gallagher
Att'y Fr. Gaughan
Dr. Robert Gaughan
D. Genetti Family
Patrick Givens
Paul Glubshinsky
James A. Gorman
James P. Gorman, deceased
 Thomas Gormley
P.J. Heaney
Charles Helferty
John Helferty, Sr.
John Helferty, Jr.
Thomas Jacobs
P.D. Kelley
James Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy
John Lannon
Joseph A. Lannon
Matthew Leib
Patrick Maloney
Peter Matthews
Joseph Meiers
John J. Monahan
Frank Mooney
James J. Moran
John Moran, Jr.
Patrick Mulherin
Thomas mcAndrews
John McBride
Michael McCall
Peter MacDermott
J.B. McGeady
L.V. McGee
P.J. McGeehin

John J. McGill
James McGinley
William McGlynn
Luke McGraw
John J. McGroarty
Austin McHale
John C. McHugh
D.T. McKelvery
Patrick McKelvey
Patrick McKenna
James McKenna
E.J. McKernan
John McNally
E.J. McNelis
James P. McNelis
P.J. McNelis, deceased
B.C. North
Charles O'Donnell
John J. O'Donnell
William O'Donnell, N. Laurel
William O'Donnell, Locust
William Quirk
James Reilly
Peter Reilly
P.J. Reilly
James J. Ryan
Ma. A. Ryan
Clarence Sasso
John Sergeant
Howard Slattery
Daniel J. Stone
Patrick Sweeney
L.J. Sweetland
Joseph Trently
Michael Welsh
William J. Ward
William J. Weber
Thomas J. Whittake
Joseph A. Zogby
John P. Burns


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