Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - 50 Years for Eli and Florence

Gosh I really need to find the original clipping and get a better scan...or fix this one, but that's not going to happen tonight.  Two days with little to no sleep.  I hoped that that turning in early last night without a post would result in sleep, but it didn't.  Not wanting to skip another evening I thought I'd share this clipping of Eli and Florence Cayemberg nee Villers.

Published in the Green Bay Press Gazette (date unknown, but would have been around April 1936)

"Flintville Couple Wed 50 Years

(Special to Press-Gazette)

FLINTVILLE, Wis. - Large wedding cakes were presented to Mr. and Mrse. (sic) Eli Cayemberg at their home here Sunday, where they celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary.  The couple who were married in St. Hubert church, Rosiere, April 24, 1886, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the marriage Sunday with a family reunion. (Unk) children and their families were present."

Eli and Florence Cayemberg is the couple that is celebrated annually at the Cayemberg family reunion held in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  All the descendants of these two are invited to attend.  When I first started genealogy I thought that the reason this couple was celebrated was perhaps because they were the first Cayembergs to arrive in America.  This was not the case though.  Eli was born in Wisconsin.  The son of Philippe and Catherine Cayemberg nee Doneux (so many various surname spellings that I won't even touch on here!) and sibling to Regine, Joseph, Gustav Joseph, Cedonie, and Geferson.  They were the couple celebrated at the annual family reunion merely because it was their children that wanted to celebrate them.  Silly amateur me reading more into it early on.  Ya live, ya learn!

Now having written that, I'm about to get inundated with comments and emails telling me that the names for Philippe and Catherine's children are wrong, or someone was missed, or...or...or...

So let me just head all that off at the pass and say, "Don't."  Unless you're willing to share your research (and it's proper research, not guesswork and/or something divined from the most recent communique with the dead), then please just don't.  You see the Cayemberg family tree that is celebrated annually is only the descendants of Eli and Florence.  Eli's siblings, parents, grandparents, etc are MIA...and those are the people I want to discover.  Those are the unknowns and isn't that what we need to do?  Go back (and sideways) and figure these things out!

My research certainly needs tweaking.  I'm still looking to confirm all of the children of Philippe and Catherine (Eli is already confirmed), but it's a goal.  I've had people tell me that these children are wrong, or need to be combined (is Joseph and Gustav Joseph the same person?), but until there is some proof a genealogist has to go with where the available document are pointing.  I may find something that will change this part of my family tree.  I may find something that confirms it.  I may find nothing.  But it takes more than just taking someone's "word for it" to amend the research I've begun.  Documents please!

Gosh.  I get bitchy when I'm tired.  Night all!

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